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Learn to crochet online with my beginners Skillshare class

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If you're fairly new to crochet and need a more in-depth explanation about all the components of hooks, yarns, how to hold your work, how to turn, etc. etc. then join my free Skillshare class called Conquering crochet for Complete Beginners

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This hour long class is broken down into detailed step-by-step videos explaining everything you need to know including a quick history lesson on crochet.

I think that after this class you will feel confident going into the store to pick out your own supplies and starting a straight project on your own.

Interested in other homemaking projects?

Watch my other Skillshare class called Tiramisù from Scratch where Nicoletta and I teach you how to make this famous dessert straight from Southern Italy! 

This class includes a printable recipe, grocery list, and an Italian glossary list so that you can learn a bit of Italian! 

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