Jessica's Favorites

Here is a list of my all time favorite crochet supplies tried and tested ranging from hooks to tripods!

Whether you are an avid crafter and have a lot of projects to make, or want to start your own craft business these things are what I personally recommend.

Below are affiliate links in which I make a small percentage profit if you purchase from my link. There is no additional cost to you, this is how you can help small businesses by buying through affiliate links. 


The jumbo plastic bent tapestry needle will help you out when sewing in ends with thick yarns. I never use metal yarn needles anymore! 


I absolutely love my Clover pom pom makers. I have the pack of 4 different sizes and love how easy to use they are. It's super fast and I think you can make much denser looking pom poms with these. 

 My most recent favorite yarn is Bernat Blanket Yarn, Color Vintage White. It literally goes with everything. 3 skeins will be enough for you to make a baby blanket and have some left over! 

joanns yarn colors

Here is the link to Joann's where you can get a wide array of Bernat Blanket Yarn 

Or you can grab it in a bundle from amazon if you prefer to shop there

 T-shirt yarn is my all time favorite yarn to work with, thankfully it is now sold on Amazon from my favorite company in the Netherlands, Hoooked. If you get the medium skein it's a good size to start with if you just want to try it before committing. 

Another recent favorite is this super chunky yarn for arm knitting that I tried from Amazon since I'm not too crazy about the rag look of the chunky yarns in the stores. 

cream chunky yarn with hand touching itchunky yarn on a white knit blanket on a bedgreen and white chunky loop yarn

You can just see how smooth and full the loops are compared to the green chunky yarn on the left.

What I like about this chunky yarn is that the stitches are much more defined, and it looks more breathtaking in decorating vs. the super soft store bought version.

I'd say this type of yarn is good for decor like to cover a stool, to make a pillow, a foot cover for your bed, or a dog/cat bed! 

 Out of all the hooks there are these days, I still love the original metal Boye hooks. In my opinion the yarn slides easier on these vs plastic or wood hooks. Boye has metal hooks that also have the nice ergonomic ends as well. I like the ones without the gummy ends because they are easier to store and travel with. 

Forget stitch markers! Use hair clips. It's genius. Hair clips don't fall off, are easier to put on, and are harder for you to lose. 

Another favorite yarn I like is Bernat Maker yarn. This is bulky, soft, and lightweight contrary to t-shirt yarn which is heavy. I believe they only sell this yarn online now. I have not seen it in stores in a long time. 


Here is a short list of things I've used along the way in my crochet business. These items I heavily researched before buying, was consulted on, and really really enjoyed them. I hope this helps your crochet business! 

The Style your Brand book is an awesome book that really helps you to understand how to start and shape your brand. I use all of the advice in this book still today. 

Since I provide video tutorials in my patterns I had to make sure there was good audio. The Rode SmarLav mic has been great for me. You can plug it into your iPhone (with an adapter now), into your DSLR or into your computer. There is a huge difference in sound. Excellent product! 

More on videos, I use to wonder how people would do those eagle eye shooting videos After a lot of conversing with other crafters and photography gurus I was recommended the Manfrotto tripod with the 3rd arm that comes out horizontally. It is the best! I can adjust the arm in all different directions, everything is adjustable. Manfrotto is also a Made in Italy product. This tripod is probably an investment piece for your craft business. I purchased this for myself as a Christmas gift after a year's hard work! 

Another totally necessary piece you need for your business are light boxes. These were a game changer for me. I never take photos or videos without them, even in the day time. 

The backdrop is a nice addition for you if you plan to take product photos, or videos of yourself talking. It's nice to have this option on hand when I'm deciding what kind of photo I need to take.


An absolute must have for marketing is Canva. Canva is the easy peasy version of Photoshop. If you want to dive in right away and make yourself a logo or a pretty banner, Canva is really great. I have never made the transition to Photoshop because Canva still provides everything I need 5 years later and it's cheap.

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If you're thinking of teaching craft classes then Skillshare is the place to be. I love Skillshare, it's so easy to understand and use. Skillshare is how you can teach virtually and make money.

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