What is t-shirt yarn called?

The proper name for t-shirt yarn is t-shirt yarn. The company Hoooked calls their t-shirt yarn zpagetti to differentiate it from the other versions they have. Some people confuse Home Dec yarn from Bernat as t-shirt yarn, but it is not the same texture. Other names I've run across are ribbon yarn and fabric yarn, these two are also not the same as t-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn is made from stretchy t-shirts and has a definite texture and end result. Reach out to me if you have more questions about substitutions as I can help.

Where can I get t-shirt yarn?

 The company I love to buy t-shirt yarn from is called Hoooked.co.uk. They have the biggest variety of zpagetti t-shirt yarn which I use in a lot of my patterns. You can now get Hoooked yarn from Amazon here 

Another brand that I like is called Fox Yarn. You can get that from Amazon as well here 

You can also purchase t-shirt yarn from Etsy sellers and from Joann's online if you're based in the US.

T-shirt yarn can also be a fun project if you want to make it yourself. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube. If you buy an XL t-shirt you will get a mini bobbin of t-shirt yarn out of that. You can connect lots of t-shirts to make bigger bobbins as I call them or skeins. What I really like about making t-shirt yarn is that you can ty-dye it and personalise the color.

How do you join t-shirt yarn?

The absolute best way to join t-shirt yarn from my experimentation is by sewing the two ends together with a sewing machine. If you're making an item to give as a gift, and really a forever piece, then you'd want to take the time to do this because it is seamless. If you're just making a quick item that you know you'll throw out at the end of the year then there are other methods of joining that are quicker.

Here is a video tutorial I made showing how to join two strands of t-shirt yarn with a sewing machine