About me

smiling girl with long blonde hair and a blue knit hat

While Drinking Espresso out Popped an Idea

Years ago I was sitting in my 8th floor apartment in Sicily listening to the rain beat on the window as I was sipping espresso and watching my 2 month old nap. It hit me, I couldn't go back to work. I had to start something of my own, something I'm passionate about like crochet, that would give me the flexibility I needed to be a mother, a military wife, and a person with a burning desire to create work for myself and one day for others.
My great-grandmother taught me to crochet from the age of 7 the old fashion way of ripping out mistakes and ending up with piles of yarn on the floor. The only means of learning was sitting next to her rocking chair, watching, and trying to follow crochet patterns in old magazines. Since then crochet has accompanied my life whether being a comforting hobby or a gift giving addiction. 
My goal as a crochet designer is to provide the most easy to follow, step-by-step crochet patterns with video tutorials and subtitles so that you can really feel like it's a breeze learning this craft.
I have carefully added subtitles to my videos to better serve the deaf community as well as those who speak English as a foreign language. 

I have taught crochet workshops around Italy, and in Maryland where I'm currently living. The workshops are based on a project we complete during class like making a hat, a basket, or Christmas stocking.
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